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The Sustainability & Health Corpus is constructed in cooperation with the University of Oslo’s Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Education (SHE). SHE´s vision is to educate globally anchored health professionals who make sustainable healthcare decisions without compromising future and global needs. The overall objective of SHE is to inspire critical reflection among future health professionals about the meaning and implications of sustainability in healthcare, and more specifically, how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) challenge health professional decision-making.  

SHE aims to develop, implement and disseminate innovative education strategies, conduct translational research (from research to education) on sustainability in medicine, and provide students and healthcare workers with knowledge and skills needed to incorporate sustainability values and principles into comprehensive medical decisions. Its educational activities are designed to raise students’ awareness of how concepts related to the SDGs gain from and might serve many and sometimes conflicting agendas as they find their way from the political to the professional and practical levels of the healthcare system. On the one hand, the SDGs call for immediate change, on the other, they reconcile an economic growth model and a monolithic, top-down, and universalized agenda defined from the point of view of the political establishment and within the dominant political discourse. In order to serve as change agents, students cannot simply be thought to implement the SDGs as a predefined agenda; they must also learn to depoliticize its concepts and acknowledge that there are different ways of understanding and practicing sustainability.

In order to foster a critical approach to sustainability we draw on and expand a framework of competencies for sustainable development developed by UNESCO and adapt this framework for the use in health professional education.