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SHE contributes to several courses and programmes in collaboration with various departments at the University of Oslo.


The course is part of the Master in Public Health Science and Epidemiology. The total capacity for this course is 40 students, which includes students at the Master’s Programme of Public Health Science and epidemiology at the University of Oslo as well as Master’s students from the Circle U. partner institutions.

The course draws attention to the power of key concepts in the sustainability agenda and more specially, how such concepts have come to accommodate various and sometimes conflicting ideological messages. This course utilizes a unique datathon model that encourages students to engage in critical reflection on sustainability concepts and ideologies.


Responsible: Professor Eivind Engebretsen

More information about the course Politics of Sustainability in Public Health here.

The course is interdisciplinary and is part of Circle U. as a Summer School at University of Oslo.

What is the role of evidence – and what should be its role – when urgent decisions must be taken? How can scientific evidence be communicated to the wider public without unduly antagonizing significant parts of the population?


Responsibel: Professor Eivind Engebretsen and Profesor Tobias Bach

Here you can find more information about the course Evidence and Democracy in Times of Crisis.

The course is interdisciplinary and a cooperation between Oslo SDG Initiative and Center for Sustainable Healthcare Education (SHE).

The course discusses the contested nature of the sustainable development discourse, and highlight core features of the 2030 Agenda, including the underlying theory of change. What is the added value of international goal-setting, and how does the international community justify the SDGs? Are the SDGs merely a new framework to situate the development discourse?


Responsible: Professor Dan Banik

More information here: SUM4501 – Achieving the SDGs: Global Goals and National Interests

This master`s supplement, which is currently under development at SHE, is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge about some of the greatest challenges to health of our time and how to address them, and to develop skills to transfer this knowledge to health professionals in different educational settings. The programme is intended to provide students with the means to learn about key competencies for sustainability and connect these to challenges to sustainable healthcare. And finally, to learn how to teach these competencies to others in their own teaching and mentoring. The course will utilize various methods for ensuring that students both learn to analyze wicked problems connected to sustainable health care but also in order to showcase how the students can teach others to utilize these competencies.

This master`s supplement is open for students with a bachelor from relevant disciplines who is enrolled in another full master`s programme.

ECTS: 20

More information is coming.

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