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On this website, you find a range of resources on education for sustainable development, developed by SHE and our partners. All resources that are represented here are speaking to a new vision of health that integrates health, environment and society as inseparably connected domains.

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The Sustainability & Health Corpus is designed to support research-led educational programmes in modern medicine and global health delivered by SHE, as well as activities organized in collaboration with partners at the European University Alliance Circle U. It is also envisaged as a freely accessible resource from which the entire international academic community can benefit, especially students, researchers and clinicians faced with the requirement to incorporate sustainability values and principles into comprehensive medical decisions.

How to use Oslo Medical Corpus, Part 1.

How to use Oslo Medical Corpus, Part 2.

Oslo Medical Corpus Website.

Commissioned by SHE, students and teachers have collaborated to develop educational tools focused on climate and health. The objective of these tools is to facilitate discussions on sustainable healthcare concepts and practices. (Only in Norwegian)

Learning outcomes

Powerpoint for teachers

Resources and online courses

Report on climate in health education

Professor Dan Banik leads Oslo SDG Initative, a hub for education, research, outreach and dissemination related to the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. Professor Banik is working with Center for Sustainble Healthcare to develop various resources.

Teaching modules


Online videoes

This national student-run programme is supported by SHE in collaboration with the Norwegian Medical Association and their Choosing Wisely («Gjør Kloke Valg») campaign. The programme brings the students into dialogue about real-life sustainability dilemmas in clinical decision making, challenging their normative, systems-oriented and future oriented thinking skills as they engage with the full sustainability agenda for health. The programme consists of an educational part and a project assignment that is supervised by a senior researcher.

Here is more information on Students for Choosing Wisely.

The One Health approach is necessary to effectively prevent, detect and respond to health challenges that arise at the interface between humans, animals and the environment.

One Health Course Series

Human and Animal Health Course

Competency Framework

Planetary Health is a social movement and interdisciplinary field that emphasizes finding solutions to the effects of human activity on Earth’s natural systems, with a particular focus on human health and all living beings on the planet. This field involves analyzing and addressing the impacts of human disruptions on Earth’s natural systems.

Planetary Health Education

Planetary Health Case Studies

Eco-health is an emerging field (similar to planetary health) that studies the interactions between ecosystems on human health.

Teaching manual

EcoHealth alliance

The World Health Organization (WHO)offers several training packages for practitioners and students.

Climate Change and Health: Training modules


Other resources and tools?

Here you can suggest other resources and tools that you think should be added to the list. 

Responsibility for this webpage

This collaborative resource page is the result of the recommendations put forth by students and researchers who took part in a report (available only in Norwegian) on climate and sustainability in health education. The University of Bergen, UiT the Arctic University of Norway, NTNU, and the University of Oslo have collaborated to develop this resource page.

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