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Narratives and Evidence – Which stories about COVID-19 did we believe and why?

In this post, Eivind Engebretsen and Mona Baker argue for the importance of narrative rationality, especially in areas where expertise is contested. Drawing on work from their recently published book and taking the COVID-19 pandemic as an exemplary case, they point to how the narrative structure and context of evidence are closely related to how knowledge is communicated and adopted by different audiences. Read more

How to make sense of medical evidence?

Is vaccine hesitancy purely irrational? Are there good reasons for refusing to wear a face mask? Eivind Engebretsen and Mona Baker are blogging about the book on the Cambridge Blog. Read more 

Fakta alene er ikke nok i kamp mot farlig feilinformasjon

Article in Morgenbladet (Norwegian newspaper). Read more