SHE is currently working with the Genealogies of Knowledge Research Network (GoK) on developing various projects supported by the Oslo Medical Corpus.

The Oslo Medical Corpus is designed to support research and educational activities led by SHE. We have adopted and are adapting the GoK software interface in several important ways, to tailor it to the requirements of medical researchers and professionals. See, in particular, ongoing developments designed to enable the analysis of numerals and visuals.


The Genealogies of Knowledge Research Network seeks to connect scholars across disciplinary, linguistic and geographical boundaries with a focus on corpus-based conceptual research, to promote the use of the corpora built by the Genealogies of Knowledge Project, and to assist others in compiling similarly designed corpora in various fields such as the medical humanities and applying/extending the GoK methodology. GoK is coordinated by Mona Baker (SHE), Jan Buts (Boğaziçi University, Turkey) and Henry Jones (University of Manchester, UK).

For further information, see:

Buts, J., M. Baker, S. Luz, and E. Engebretsen (2021) ‘Epistemologies of evidence-based medicine: A plea for corpus-based conceptual research in the medical humanities.’ Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy, [OPEN ACCESS]
Epistemologies of evidence-based medicine: a plea for corpus-based conceptual research in the medical humanities